Open Enrollment

8 years ago

Open Enrollment/School Choice

The Arizona School Improvement Act of 1994 (amended in 1995) mandates that public schools provide open enrollment opportunities throughout Arizona.  the law was passed to allow parents/guardians to register their children in neighboring schools and school districts in an effort to give them a choice in school selection.

Parents/guardians, whether living within or outside of the Cottonwood Oak Creek School District boundaries, are welcome to apply for enrollment in a Cottonwood school of choice. Placement is based upon space availability and highest priority for placement is given to students who reside in that school attendance area and/or were enrolled the previous year.

For the upcoming school year, parents should submit an open enrollment application to the school of their choice when they register their child.  Please visit your school of choice to complete the correct forms.  Your request to enroll will not be completed until you meet with your school of choice.

Download Open Enrollment Policy

Download Open Enrollment Application: 


6 years ago

Arizona Department of Revenue Information

AZ Dept of Revenue Web Site

School Tax Credit Brochure 707

Local District Tax Credit Forms

Online Tax Credit Donation System

Tax Credit for School Donation Form - English

Thank you! A tax receipt will be forwarded to you.
You can mail your contribution to:
Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District
One North Willard Street
Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District says,


Keep your Arizona Tax Dollars Local

Arizona authorizes a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for income taxpayers who make a donation to an Arizona public school. This means that for every dollar (up to $200 per individual filing single, $400 per married couple filing jointly) per year that you donate in support of extracurricular activities you can subtract that entire amount from your state tax liability. In addition, you may also qualify for a donation as a charitable contribution on your federal tax return.

THE DETAILS: You don’t have to have a child in school to apply for the credit. The school must use the money for extracurricular activities. Please check with whomever prepares your taxes to see how best to take advantage of this tax credit.

For more information, please call (928) 634-2288

El Distrito Escolar de Cottonwood-Oak Creek dice,


Guardan Local sus Dólares de Impuestos de Arizona”

Arizona autoriza un crédito de impuestos de dólar por dólar para contribuyentes de impuestos que hacen un donativo a una escuela pública en Arizona. Esto significa que para cada dólar (hasta $200 por individuo que archiva solo, $400 por la pareja casada que archiva colectivamente) por año que usted dona en apoyo de actividades extracurriculares, puede restar esa cantidad entera de su deuda de los impuestos del estado. Además, puede calificar por una donación como una contribución caritativa en su declaración de impuestos federales.

LOS DETALLES: Para aplicar por el crédito, no necesita tener un niño en escuela. La escuela necesita usar el dinero para actividades extracurriculares. Favor de verificar con la persona quien prepare sus declaraciones de impuestos para ver como puede aprovechar mejor este crédito de impuestos.

Para más información, favor de llamar (928) 634-2288

Emergency Plan

8 years ago

Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District has an Emergency Plan that covers the following:




Hazardous Materials



Bomb Threat

Intruder/Drive By Shooting

Campus Disorder



Staff and students are instructed in procedures for: Shelter-In-Place, Lockdown, Duck and Cover, and Evacuation.

The Emergency Response Guides are posted in each classroom with an easy to read reference flip chart. The guide is intended as a reference and will not replace sound judgment and common sense.

During an emergency the Police and Fire Departments will make the final decisions regarding the safety of students and staff.

If an evacuation of students is called for local radio stations will be notified.

All information and announcements will come from the office of the Superintendent.

During an emergency the district web page will have updated information on the home page if possible.

Students will be released to parents or guardians with proper documentation.